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Our team building programs are designed to be fun and to challenge your group's business skills. Combining enjoyable, engaging content with the use of business skills makes a powerful team building session.

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While our trained facilitators focus on prearranged workshop goals, we believe that contributions from participants, team dialogue, and interaction between members are an integral part of the learning process, and we work towards achieving group understanding and consensus.

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Tired of sitting in a classroom all day? Experience the fun of interactive team activities. Your group will discover how to achieve their objectives by working as a cohesive team through effective communication, planning and leadership.

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Our workshops cover team models of highly effective behavior, theories from cutting edge business thinkers, and practical skills for getting work done well. This multilayered approach fosters reflection for weeks, months, and years after the initial seminars, promoting ongoing positive change.

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We manage an extensive network of professional facilitators and helpers who are stationed at various locations across Thailand.
You can be certain that our facilitator will be experienced, professional and will stop at nothing in ensuring the maximum satisfaction of your participants.



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Phuket province, Thailand

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Phuket, Thailand.

Phuket Team building delivers consultative team building services to organizations that demand results for their investments. We provide engaging workshops for groups of all sizes, from 4 -1,000 persons, from single day team building sessions to multiple day change initiatives. Our adaptable workshops are typically customized for specific outcomes that are defined by the client. The results often exceed expectations..